July 20th, 1969. Man walks on the Moon for the first time ever.  One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Retro Rocket Spaceship

That has to be on the long list of those events where if you are of the acquired age, you remember exactly where you were. Where you watched it.  Who was there on that Sunday 51 years ago.

Other days that register the same memories have to be President JFK being killed. OJ in the white Bronco ‘chase’.  Princess Diana dying.  A favorite sports team winning a championship. Each person's memories reflecting their age.

Then the obvious days like that, that only are important to us individually, not collectively. I remember where I was when I was told my Mother had passed away. And when one of my Grandfathers died.

I was chatting with a buddy yesterday, on the phone, socially distanced, and since I was in the car, on the speaker – hands free.  We talked about one of the strange feelings during this pandemic, is not what we’re not doing.  But what we are not able to do.  Meaning it’s the fact that we can’t do something even if we wanted to. And time is ticking away.  Time we’ll never get back.  I don’t necessarily want to travel right now, but I can’t even if I wanted to. I’m not missing the things I might want to do, but I’m missing the fact that we can’t do them.

Back to July 20th, 1969.  Could you imagine the feeling of being Neil Armstrong.  Knowing you were doing something that no other human being had ever done.  Ever. Wow. One giant leap indeed.

Small Airstrips In Eastern Maine

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