Maine Wardens have recovered the body of a Hope man who died while trying to save his daughters from the water.

Have Police Identified the Man Who Died?

Henry Brooks, 46, of Hope died Saturday afternoon in the waters off Ayer Park on Seven Tree Pond in Union.

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Were the Girls Rescued?

The Maine Warden Service reports Brooks was sitting at a picnic table in the park watching his daughters, ages 12 and 13, swimming in the water a little after 4:30. One of the girls fell into the deeper water where the river enters the pond. The other daughter tried to rescue her but also fell into the deep water. Both girls were swept out by currents to an even deeper part of the pond.

When Mr. Brooks saw what happened and heard the girls crying for help, he jumped into the water to rescue them. He was immediately followed by his 27-year-old son, who grabbed a life jacket before jumping into the pond. The son was able to swim to his sisters and get them back to safety at a nearby dock. When they were safe, he looked back for his father, but there was no sign of the older man.

Where Was Mr. Brooks Found?

When members of several agencies were unable to find Brooks, three Warden Service divers were called in, and they were able to recover Mr. Brooks' body at approximately 7:30 Saturday night. He was located approximately 50 feet from shore in water that was about seven feet deep, not far from the dock where his son brought the girls.

Our condolences to Mr. Brooks' family and friends.

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