It's one of those things many of us hope for when we're out taking in the sights and sounds in nature, but very few are actually lucky enough to experience it, let alone catch it on camera.

On a recent family trip to Lake Arrowhead in Waterboro, Robert Kearns was taking a pontoon boat ride around the lake to look for Eagles, when his son spotted something in the water...

Eagle 8, Robert Kearns

"As we approached the nest my son Kyle 'EAGLEEYE' Joseph-Kearns said 'Dad what is that?' as he points way across the lake."

Eagle 7, Robert Kearns

"I can see something in the water and suddenly I realize ITS AN EAGLE in the water. They can't FLY directly out of the water once they are in it. They usually snatch up stuff and fly off. We raced over to the Eagle thinking he's possibly in distress."

What we found is it was trying to grab a 3-foot EEL that was very heavy. "

Eagle 2, Robert Kearns

"Enter a second Eagle (Mom) flying over and trying about a half dozen times to dive and get the eel. She was unable."

"Enter one of the Eaglets. A baby flies across the lake and starts squawking 'WHERES MY LUNCH?' He was also mimicking Dad spreading his wings as if to dry off. "

Eagle 5, Robert Kearns

"As they couldn't grab it we drove through the cove and tossed the eel on a little Pier WHITE SIDE UP and headed out to give this family privacy."

Eagle 6, Robert Kearns
Eagle 4, Robert Kearns

"I will never forget this day."

Eagle 3, Robert Kearns

What a cool experience! Thanks to Mr. Kearns for sharing his story and images/videos with us. Remember to always keep your eyes open when exploring this great state. You never know what you'll come across!

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