It's a bizarre story of a man who allegedly stole a woman's jeep in Mars Hill and used it to repeatedly hit his own truck.

State Police say a Mars Hill woman called the Houlton Regional Communications Center at about 9:00 Saturday morning. She told them that a man, who had been sitting in his truck near her house, had started running up and down the road, acting very strangely. As she talked to police, the man began knocking on her door. When the woman did not answer the door, the man allegedly got into her Jeep Grand Cherokee and drove it down the street. The woman was still on the phone when she told the dispatcher that the man was repeatedly ramming his own truck with her vehicle. He then returned the Jeep to her driveway and ran back down the road.

When Troopers arrived, they found the man sitting in his truck, with the doors locked. Despite repeated demands from police, Tony Dubuc, 33, of Westfield refused to exit the vehicle, so Troopers eventually broke a window out of the truck and got him out. Officials say he continued to struggle but was eventually taken into custody.

A run of his identity revealed that Dubuc was already out on bail, with several conditions, including not engaging in any new criminal activity, and not driving until his license was reinstated. He was taken to Houlton Regional Hospital, where he was evaluated and medically cleared, before being transported to the Kennebec County Jail. Dubuc is charged with refusing to submit to arrest, operating after habitual offender revocation, aggravated criminal mischief, unauthorized use of property, and violating conditions of release.

Maine State Police were assisted in this investigation by members of the Maine Warden Service and Aroostook County Sheriff's Office.

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