A man currently serving a 58-year-sentence for raping and killing a former Bar Harbor classmate is appealing his conviction.

Jalique Keene appeared before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, via audio conference on Wednesday. He was sentenced in September to 58 years for the charge of murder and 30 years concurrently for the rape charge. Before receiving his sentence, Keene addressed the court, saying he takes full responsibility for 19-year-old Mikaela Conley's death, and that he had tried to take his own life more than 100 times.

WABI-TV reports Keene's lawyer, Lawrence Winger, now says there wasn't enough evidence presented at the trial to convict Keene of the charges against him. A surveillance video , presented as evidence during the murder trial, shows Keene carrying Conley over his shoulder while she kicked her feet. Sometime later, he was seen dragging her lifeless body to the wooded area where she was eventually found. One justice asked Winger if he's claiming the dragging of her body wasn't enough proof to convict, to which Winger replied that's correct. He says too much time elapsed between the images of his client carrying the victim and when he dragged her away, saying there's no way to prove Keene was even with Conley when she died.

In addition, he alleges that the trial should have been moved to a different county, despite his comments, on the record at the time of the trial, that he was pleased with the jury selection.

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court justices will now consider their ruling. There's no timetable on when that will be delivered.

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