We are into Fall in Maine. That's when one day it's Sunny and 75 and then the next morning there's frost on the car windshield. The leaves are changing color, and we know what's next. They fall and hopefully blow over onto your neighbor's yard. The reason over 50 per cent of us like Fall best must also be the anticipation of what's to come. The Holidays. The food. The lack of humid air.

Sorry to kick leaves that have already fallen onto your favorite season, but I still love Spring. The anticipation of what's to come. Growth. And chances to roll down the windows and breath.

Here's the poll that has the reasons that Fall is more favored than any other of the seasons. When asked what was the best aspect of fall, the number one answer was watching the leaves change color.

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Next comes feeling the chill in the air.

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Hold it.  That looks a lot colder than feeling the chill in the air.  But I guess it's a sign of things to come.

Offer that person some hot chocolate. That is next on the list.


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Next comes soup. Nothing like a bowl of homemade soup

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That is bean soup.  What is in chili that's not in bean soup? Or vice versa?  Looks good though

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Is pie on the list.  You bet. Baking pies is part of fall. This is starting to turn into a food thing. Is that why the majority of us rate Fall the best season?

Enjoy Fall. Enjoy everyday.

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