They're called Maine's Snow Fighters and they're telling Mother Nature they're ready for what ever she may dish out this winter.

The Maine Department of Transportation has a fleet of over 400 plow trucks whose driver's work night and day to be sure over 83-hundred lane miles of roadways are cleared during winter storms.

MDOT Spokesman Ted Talbot says liquids are used to pre-treat the roads then, depending on the storm, anywhere from 70 to 100 thousand tons of rock salt is used during a winter season in Maine.

Talbot says again, depending on the type of storm and region of the state in which it hits, the costs for road maintenance and snow removal can cost the state as much as a million bucks per storm.

"Our Snow Fighters do come with capes, but no masks because they could inhibit their field of vision, but they do have red capes; they're pretty amazing," jokes Talbot when asked if MDOT plow operators are Maine's winter time Super Heroes

All joking aside, Talbot reminds Maine motorists to give those plow trucks plenty of room on the road and remember to always slow down when the weather turns rough so you can make it to your intended destination safely.




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