Most popular, as usual, on the resolution list is to lose weight this year.  Ah, that Covid 15. Got to go.

That’s the number one item on people’s lists everywhere. If you frame it a little differently, experts say you have a better chance of succeeding. Instead of a daunting ‘I must lose 30 pounds’, try “I will try to make better choices with what I eat and how much I eat, and build a little more activity into my daily routine.” It's not as seemingly impossible, right?

Like before you climb Mount Katahdin, maybe do a little walking in the neighborhood first. Build up to the monumental task. After all, didn’t they say to be more positive and hopeful in 2021.  Just to see if you're paying attention, let me work this line in "Last time I got on the scales, it said 'Hey, one at a time!!"

What else is on the list of resolutions? At number two, with lots of us, be smarter financially. Start making smarter buying choices, and save more money then in the past because who knows what’ll happen to the economy down the road with the coronavirus still running its course, and the potential loss of even more jobs in the future.

Give up alcohol and/or tobacco, or at least cut back.

Be kinder. Be less judgmental. Drink more water. All good ideas that are on Mainers' lists of ‘How to make 2021 better than 2020.

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