Mushrooms are everywhere.

I literally mean everywhere. In my yard. At my camp. In my Facebook feed. In my Reddit feed. Especially that last one. Every hour, it seems like someone is posting photos of mushrooms. Ones they've seen in their yard. Or hiking, or wherever. Now, don't get me wrong... I absolutely adore mushrooms. They're definitely a favorite food.

And here in Maine, there are a ton of edible mushrooms. And really, really good ones too. For instance, Matsutake mushrooms are some of the most prized. They're astoundingly delicious, yes, but they're also a favorite of very high-end restaurants. If you were to buy them in a store, you'd easily put a dent in a $100 bill for two pounds.

Or the giant puffball. It's a big, round, gnarly-looking orb of shroomy goodness. They will grow in just every part of your yard when conditions are right.


Don't do it. Say it with me... "I'm not going to go out in my yard and pick mushrooms by myself." Seriously, I cannot possibly stress this enough..... Do NOT ever pick and eat any mushroom unless you are able to 100% identify it. And have been taught by an expert. You can literally die. Maine does have its share of poisonous mushrooms too.

Also, even the mushrooms you pick that you are totally sure are edible, could be covered in any number of pathogens. It's never advisable to eat an uncooked wild mushroom. It's playing with fire in nasty ways. Animals could've peed on it, insects could have crawled on it... I think you get the idea.

Now, all that said, let's look at a dozen or so types of mushrooms you might likely find on a woodsy walk, or perhaps even in your own backyard. But remember.... don't do it unless you're 100% sure. And, cook the frikkin' things!!!! Then enjoy them!

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