Right out of the gate, let's make one thing totally clear. This has absolutely nothing to do with our Maine state flag. That has not, and will not change. This is only for Maine's birthday next year in 2020, when our big, beautiful state turns 200 years old. Basically, it's our collective birthday gift to our beloved state.

Earlier in the spring, Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap released a series of three images, that were put out in a survey, asking people to vote on the design they thought suited us best. And after over 6,500 people made their voices heard, Dunlap released the results. And here is what Mainers chose:

Muszynski, Kristen
Muszynski, Kristen

Now, there is a small catch. Mainers chose this design with 59% of the vote, but Secretary Dunlap still has to make the final decision. It doesn't seem likely that he would choose to go in a different route than what folks have clearly indicated is their favorite. but it ain't over, til it's over. The final choice will be presented sometime this week to the Legislature and the Maine Bicentennial Commission.

So, we shall see. But my guess is, your taking a good long look at your bicentennial flag.



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