A Wales man is accused of stealing power, and one Central Maine Power official was apparently "impressed with the ingenuity."

Police received a complaint from CMP claiming Nicholas Gagne, 36, of Wales was stealing power, according to a Maine State Police Facebook post.

"The investigation revealed that Gagne was climbing up the power pole outside of his house and connecting what amounted to jumper cable clamps to the transformer and then running a power line to the ground and then to his house," the post said.

Police said CMP had previously disconnected power to the residence, but Gagne kept reconnecting it.

A CMP official told police what Gagne was doing was "wildly dangerous," and he was at risk of starting a fire or being electrocuted.

Police said Gagne admitted to stealing power and was arrested for theft of services. He may face additional charges, including aggravated criminal mischief.

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