I'll be honest, back in California, I assumed all blueberries were the same when it came to making my protein (peanut butter counts as protein) smoothies. Once again, Maine has educated me and made me a wiser and more informed human. It makes sense this education would occur here considering over 95% of wild blueberries in the U.S. are produced in Maine. 

Maine Wild Blueberries VS. The Imitator Blueberries

David Bugenske - TSM Maine

That's right, there's a significant difference between wild blueberries and cultivated blueberries. According to wildblueberries.com, and yes, they may be a little bias considering their website address, but it also doesn't mean that they are wrong, wild blueberries are filled with far more nutrients and most importantly, flavor.

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Wild blueberries
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

Wild blueberries have 72% more fiber than regular blueberries, and that is just one little W for the wild.

For generations, Maine families have nurtured these wild berries that boast an intense blueberry taste. Ranging from tangy tartness to succulent sweetness, wild blueberries are frozen fresh and loaded with 33% more brain-healthy anthocyanins than ordinary blueberries. Their smaller size means twice the berries—and twice the antioxidants—in every bite. - wildblueberries.com

Bigger Isn't Better Against Wild Maine Blueberries

Wild vs natural blueberry
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

The blueberry on the left is a "natural" cultivated blueberry, while the smaller blueberry on the right is wild from Milbridge, ME and produced from Mainers who began selling Wyman's Wild Blueberries in 1874.

I can Google facts all day, but what do my tastebuds say? It was quickly revealed that wild blueberries from Maine destroy any competition. I had no idea of the significant difference in flavor until I compared the two.

It's safe to say that I will be spending the extra money and only purchasing the smaller, yet more succulent wild Maine blueberries going forward. As for the claims of more antioxidants and nutrients? If I live to 100, I will give all credit to Maine and her blueberries.

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