Maine Troop Greeters are back. They're back to doing what they weren’t allowed to do during the pandemic, greeting returning troops at Bangor Airport, no matter what time of day or night.

During the pandemic, troops arriving were sequestered due to Covid protocol.

And just a side note, it’s great that the Troop Greeters get to do what they love, and certainly what the troops love and appreciate, this month because May is Military Appreciation Month.

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More than a million and a half veterans have been welcomed home and that number can now continue to increase.

And Maine Troop Greeters Board Member Dick Tinsdale told me

We are looking for the next generation of Troop Greeters. With a little training they can be certified as Troop Greeters, and continue the enthusiasm and dedication of thanking our countries young men and women for their service

Since the pandemic, troops have been greeted via video. Not the same, but the engagement has continued and that’s a good thing. And as you can imagine, in the past two years of not only dealing with the pandemic but also the aging of some of the Troop Greeters who can’t be as involved as they once were, now more than ever it is time for new Troop Greeters.

Anyone interested in what the greeters do is welcome to have a discussion with a board member to determine if this is an organization you’d be interested in devoting as few as a couple of hours a week to.

In just a few minutes of conversation with a Troop Greeter, you’ll come away knowing how passionate they are about the cause

Contact the organization to see if it is something you’d be interested in being involved with, and next time you’re in the Bangor Airport check out the Maine Troop Greeters Museum.

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