Here we go. Let's shift into full throttle Thanksgiving mode. Can't wait. Here's to finding things to be thankful for, even in this crazy year. I can't imagine you have to look far. Family. Friends. Food. Festivities. And that's only the start of the F's.

We're adults. We know if we're not feeling up to snuff, we aren't going to attend a Thanksgiving gathering. And here's hoping if you're hosting, that whomever is invited would exercise the same caution. We've heard about masking up and social distancing 6 feet and washing our hands so many times, do those statements even register. Hope so. We're lucky we're in Maine. The 2nd safest state in the nation to enjoy our Thanksgiving. Vermont is the only state with less Covid 19 cases than us.

As people across the country gather, and the surveys say the gatherings will be smaller this year, about ten family members per dining room table, here's to being safe, doing the correct things, but still enjoying Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed everyone is in the thankful mood and not attending only to argue politics.

If you want something to entertain your party how about asking those there how a turkey's gender can be determined. It's weird. But a turkey's gender can be determined from the bird's droppings. Males produce spiral-shaped poop, and females' poop is shaped like the letter J.  You're welcome. Just don't ask that question at the dinner table. Please.

And here's to being thankful. Please know I'm thankful for you.

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