Maine singer Kayla Wass and a special guest will hold a live fundraiser online this weekend for the victims of the Lewiston shooting.

Who Is Kayla Wass?

Anyone who follows local Country Music in Maine has likely heard of Kayla Wass. She used to perform around the state, in clubs and opening for visiting artists. But you may have noticed that she disappeared from the Maine music scene a while back. That's because she's following her passion by living in the Nashville area and booking gigs around music city.

Do We Know Who the Special Guest Is?

On Sunday, November 5th, Kayla will have a very special performance at the Omni Hotel in Nashville that will be broadcast live on Facebook, and she'll be joined by Montgomery Gentry's guitar player, Jimma Matajek. Obviously, Kayla is making some powerful friends in Nashville! They'll be taking requests and collecting donations, with all the money to benefit people affected by the shootings in Lewiston, Maine. During the broadcast, she'll be talking about exactly who will be receiving the donations.

Where and When Can We Watch the Show?

The live performance will start at 8 p.m. and you can watch it on a Facebook site that's already set up. There are links on there, as well, if you'd like to donate in advance of the event.

Kayla, thank you for doing this and for thinking of your home state of Maine. We miss you around here but are so proud of your musical journey.

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