It's no secret that we have some delicious berries here in the state of Maine. Having gone to pick my own blueberries and strawberries, several times over the last 4 decades, I can attest to this personally.

According to a recent comparison of the Top 50 Best U.S. States for Berry Picking, our berry-clout, nationwide, has us consistently in the Top 10-- especially when it comes to blueberries and strawberries, of course. While that may not surprise us here, the website came up with this list based on a number of different factors.

Taking into account things like average temperatures, precipitation levels, and growing season length, the website says that Maine secured the #4 spot in the Top 50 states for Strawberry Picking. The Top Spot in that category goes to Delaware. And we're also #4 in Blueberry Picking. The Top Spot for that one goes to West Virginia.

According to the post, population and the number of places to pick have a lot to do with the rankings, too:

"Although there is a lot of overlap between the best states for blueberry and blackberry picking, it is interesting to note that the top six states are actually in Northeastern, not Southern, states. Taking a deeper look into the data, we see that this is largely due to the fact that these states are teeming with places to pick them. Vermont has the most blueberry farms with more than 1 per 100,000 residents."

Overall, Maine came in #8 when it came to berry picking. Not too shabby!

Just another reason to love our great state, and to get outside and enjoy it!

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