Nonresident snowmobilers can sling some snow for free for one weekend in March. Plus, Mainer's with registered sleds can also adventure into New Hampshire for free.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has designated March 3-5 as a free snowmobile weekend in Maine. On these days only, a non-resident can ride the thousands of miles of trails throughout the state without having to purchase a Maine snowmobile registration. All sleds must have valid registration from another state or province.

The weekend is designed to introduce more snow sledders to Maine's vast system of snowmobile trails. The state has more than 14,000 miles of interconnected, groomed and marked trails. Riders are reminded to stay on marked routes, as 95% of these trails are on private land.

The free weekend coincides with New Hampshire's free snowmobile weekend. As is in Maine, the weekend of March 3-5, sleds with valid registration from another state or Canadian province do not need to obtain a New Hampshire registration while operating in New Hampshire.

Free snowmobiling weekends are busy days on the trails throughout the state. Sledders are reminded to ride with caution at all times. All snowmobilers are encouraged to read through the Maine Snowmobile Quick Reference Guide.

If you need to register your snowmobile, you can do so online. Registration fees provide funding to build and maintain the Maine trail system, and help support snowmobile clubs and volunteers who work to maintain trails.

15 Must-Have Items For Ice Fishing Season In Maine

Ice fishing is an excellent way to embrace the cold winter months in Maine. It will get you outdoors for some fresh air, it's family friendly, and a successful day could yield a tasty dinner. If you're new to the sport, we put together a list of gear you'll need for a fun, comfortable, and successful day on the ice. Some of these items are more essential than others. Some gear may not be essential at all, depending on how you plan to fish. Again, the items we listed are geared towards those who are new to ice fishing.

Before we get to the list, remember to dress appropriately for the cold weather. We didn't put warm outerwear on the list, but it's definitely a must-have. Dressing in layers is important to ensure you're warm enough throughout the day on the ice. If you start getting too warm, you can simply take a layer off. Hand warmers are also worth packing.


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