If you read the front page of the website for Bangor Savings Bank Foundation, here is what it says

We contribute to the strength and health of our communities through the Bangor Savings Bank Foundation and Corporate Giving. Together the Bank and its Foundation invested more than $3.4 million into the community in the form of nonprofit sponsorships, grants and partnership initiatives last year.

Making a significant and meaningful difference:
The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation's role is to focus philanthropic efforts on initiatives that will make our communities more prosperous, more livable, and more vibrant. With a growing endowment and strong support from the Bank, the Foundation is poised to truly impact its focus areas in workforce and economic development.

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Not here to brag on Bangor Savings Bank. Just want to help spread the word to local nonprofit organizations that they do indeed distribute money to them.

And the decision on what charities receive the money is decided by a vote in the community.

So we all can be part of assisting groups doing good things in our community by helping them get funding, specifically $155,000 to Maine (and New Hampshire) nonprofit organizations.

And we all can vote for up to 5 of them, here is the link to vote.

Here is how the funds will be shared in the community.

  • First Place Grants: $5,000
  • Second Place Grants: $4,000
  • Third Place Grants: $3,000
  • Fourth Place Grants: $1,000

And because this is the 15th year of Community Matters More, the non-profit with the most votes gets $15,000.

Vote now.  Go and pick a charity. Or write in one or five of your favorite charities. Nice to have a say on who you think should get financial help, even when it is not our money.

Thank you for helping to assist your community to the Bangor Savings Bank Foundation.

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