Happy Mother’s Day. A day that truly should be turned into a 4 day weeked.

First thanks to all the mothers and all who entered our Mother’s Day contest. The winner is Kathy Ricker. Here is our conversation.

What do Moms Really Want

Of course flowers and chocolates and even concert tickets are great. But at number one on the want list?


Just some me time. Time to breathe. Yes, of course time to spend with family, but more than that time to not have to juggle that they have to do every day. For Mother’s Day, just to be able to ‘drop everything’ and relax from life’s chores.

Go for a walk, take a bath in peace, have a nap, just do nothing.

Hope you get to do just that, Mom.

If your mother's here and close by hopefully you get to spend some time with her this weekend With or without flowers and chocolates.  Write her a thank you note.  That’ll last a lot longer and be much more appreciated.

If your mother has passed on, if you're anything like I am although it stings that she's not around anymore, but I'm smiling because of my many great memories and my admiration that my mother did the absolute best she could for me and my siblings.

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For those whose mothers are around but not in their lives or those mothers whose children have excluded them from their lives,  reach out open the door. Try to make things good. It's much healthier and just making the initial approach shows your strength. It'll take some of the stress out of the situation and this is mental health month awareness month and stress is a big part of mental health issues.

Happy Mother’s Day to all. May the day warm your heart.

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