I used to have the complete opposite problem. My wife loves to feed the birds and watch them do all their avian business. More than once, I caught squirrels hanging upside down, defying gravity, noshing on all the delicious bird seed they could get their little paws on.

Upon first glance, I thought the same thing was happening here. But then I noticed the birds were freaking out kinda, and that the squirrels looked like they didn't have a care in the world. I mean, I'm not sure how many cares squirrels really do have, because, you know ... they're squirrels.

But check out how the corn is accessible from a hole in the bottom for the smart, little grey rodents. But those clumsy, flappy street chickens can't figure anything out, and give up. Guess they'll just have to go back to eating cigarette butts of the sidewalk.

Thanks to my Facebook buddy Klayton Brewer for his sweet video.

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