Who doesn’t love Fridays? Yeah, Friday.

It is Friday. In the morning you’ll want to get up early or stay up overnight for a rare treat: the longest lunar eclipse this century, a near-total lunar eclipse.

NASA predicts it will last 3 hours and 28 minutes, the longest partial lunar eclipse expected between 2001 and 2100. So, what they’re suggesting is this will be the best one in the next 79 years.  Yeah, that is a wow.

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The times in the video are UTC. To get our time, subtract 5 hours.

To see the red moon, first set the alarm. The eclipse will peak just after 4 AM in Maine.  Personally, I’ll already be at work, But I’ll be setting an alarm in my phone to make sure I get back outside into the parking lot for a look at this one. I might not still be alive 79 years from now. How about you?

Earth will pass between the sun and the moon. That casts a shadow over the moon. Hence the red hue.

The great thing about Lunar eclipses is you don’t need equipment, except for the alarm clock. Just step outside and look up. Way up. You’ll love it.

The 3-hour plus span is from 2:19 AM to 5:47 AM.

It will be great to share photos this morning. And please do just that.

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