If you went to the University of Maine in Orono, you know right where Burby and Bates is.

If you didn’t, 7 Oak Street, underneath Family Dog. And since Oak is a one-way street, you enter the parking lot off of Maine Street

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Burby & Bates is going to be sold very soon.

In a matter of a few weeks, the papers will be signed, the transfer will take place and the deal will be done for Damon’s Beverage Bangor to then own and operate Burby & Bates.

This has been either 6 months or 4 years in the making, depending upon what would be referred to as the official process of the sale.

Burby & Bates owner is Pat Wheeler. And years ago, he mentioned retirement from the liquor store so he could do other things, including being totally involved in his daughter’s sports activity. Running a liquor store doesn’t necessarily leave one the time to be the coach of all the sports teams.

This will be the 6th Damon’s Beverage location and the expectation is that it will only be a day or two once the sale closes to be open under the Damon’s umbrella. Although the exterior sign might not be ready to roll for opening day.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Dave Makson is the Manager of Damon’s Beverage Bangor and one of the owners of the group. He says:

We have always had a close relationship with Pat Wheeler, and when he called and said, ‘Let’s have more than just a talk’, the process got sped up.

Dave talked about the similarities with Damons and Burby & Bates.

The first Damons was in Skowhegan, and it was 40 years ago. Jeff Damon went to school at U Maine, and he went to Burby & Bates as a college student. And that first Damons and the current Burby & Bates are similar operations. Both are family run.

Pat Wheeler wanted the next generation to come in and keep the business rolling along.

It may have taken more than 30 years, but Burby & Bates will continue as Damon’s Beverage Orono, in just a few weeks.

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