Maine's top law enforcement officials released a joint statement Wednesday, expressing their shock and sorrow at the death of  George Floyd, and vowing to do better in the future.

The statement is signed by: Chief Jack Peck, President of the Maine Chiefs of Police Association; Sheriff Troy Morton, President of the Maine Sheriff's Association; D.A. Andrew Robinson, President of the Maine Prosecutors Association; and Commissioner Michael Sauschuck, President of the Maine Department of Public Safety.  It addresses how the video of Floyd, who died while in custody with the Minneapolis Police Department, has affected members of law enforcement in Maine, calling it sensless and unjust.

'There is no place for racism and police brutality in Maine or in our country. Maine law enforcement officers can and will do better.'

Law enforcement agencies in Maine, according to the statement, will look inward and review each department's policies and procedures, and will be selective in the hiring process to find the best candidates possible. The agency leaders say they will work together to make sure every person who comes in contact with Maine law enforcement is treated fairly, so a tragic event like the death of George Floyd doesn't happen here. The law enforcement leaders also gathered in Portland yesterday for a media conference, in which they talked about Floyd's death, the recent protests across the state, and how they intend to improve their department's community standards.

'We recognize that change starts with us. We embrace and honor this responsibility.'

Read the full statement here:

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