More illegal marijuana grow houses were shut down in Somerset County, resulting in marijuana, vehicles, and cash seizures as well as one arrest.

The Owner of Two Residences in Maine Faces Drug Charges

Jiamin Liao, 29, who owns two of the properties raided by the Somerset County Sheriff's Office, is charged with cultivation of marijuana (over 500 marijuana plants) and unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs (marijuana over 20 pounds). She has residences listed in Maine, California, and New York. Her bail was $10,000 cash, which she posted on March 25, and her initial court appearance is scheduled for July 3, 2024. More charges may be pending.

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Both Locations in Madison and Norridgewock Were Illegal Grow Houses

Sheriff Dale Lancaster says three search warrants have been executed in the past week at residences in Norridgewock and Madison. The first was on Perkins Street in Norridgewock, where law enforcement executed a search warrant at around 10:00 Monday morning. No one was home at the time, but over 350 marijuana plants and approximately 2 pounds of processed marijuana were seized.

At about the same time, search warrants were executed at residences on Thurston Hill Road in Madison and Upper Main Street in Norridgewock, owned by Jiamin Liao. Officials seized 551 mature marijuana plants in Madison, over 30 pounds of processed marijuana, more than $39,000 in suspected drug proceeds, and a 2022 Toyota SUV in Norridgewock.

Somerset County Officials Have Seized 12,000+ Plants, 200+ Pounds of Pot in 2 Months

It's been a busy couple of months for the Somerset County Sheriff's Office Criminal Division, as they have executed 10 drug search warrants in Norridgewock, Madison, Mercer, and Skowhegan, all suspected of being involved in the illegal cultivation of marijuana. To date, Sheriff Lancaster says the department has seized over 12,000 marijuana plants, over 200 pounds of processed marijuana, over $46,000 in suspected illegal drug proceeds, and three vehicles. Eight people have been arrested and charged with cultivation of marijuana and unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs.

Several state and federal authorities assisted in these searches at locations. The investigation into the illegal marijuana trade in Somerset County is ongoing.

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