We have all been there in life. We think we are having a nice day and out of the blue, you are in a shall we say 'disagreement.'

Smart spouses know how to make peace.

When in doubt, end it. Fix it, as soon as possible. Apologize. Feeling right or wrong, doesn’t matter. Apologize

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Apologize like this guy.

Meet Leighton. Or as you might know him on Tik Tok, The Leighton Show.

He lives in Cape Elizabeth and is a Husband and Dad and is usually apologizing for something ridiculous. He has two teenage kids and has been happily married for 23 years after he and his both wife attended Bowdoin College.

The Tik Tok bit is done in his spare time, he does have a day job. He works at Hannaford

He comes home from a hard day at the job, talks with his family, apologizes, and then documents things on Tik Tok.

The Leighton Show focuses on silly relationship and parenting moments – everyday relatable stuff. And his comedic take on things has gotten him about 2 million total views on Tic Tok.

Here’s a sample

Leighton said he once had to apologize for using the brakes in his car to save his and his wife’s lives. He underestimated the trauma the cnange in momentum would create for her.

He’s the king of apologizes.

My apology for not discovering him before 2 million others have.

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