While many businesses still remain closed under Governor Mills' Executive Order regarding essential businesses and who can and cannot remain open, one retail giant reopened just this morning.

Hobby Lobby, a crafting and decor chain reopened their locations in Waterville and Bangor this morning. According to WABI, the store meets the requirements for an essential business.

This means they must adhere to the same rules other essential businesses must adhere to, such as limiting the number of people in the store at once.

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Getty Images

This has prompted many Mainers to vocalize concerns regarding if Hobby Lobby should be considered an essential business and if it's worth the risk. Others question why Hobby Lobby is able to open but smaller businesses, with similar patron restrictions, cannot.

During today's briefing (4/27/20) Governor Mills stated that the Stay-At-Home order could likely be extended.

Could this be the beginning of the economy opening up? Is it still too soon? Let your voice be heard by messaging us on our app!

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