You know how people say “I am not a fighter, I am a lover”. Well when it comes to food. I am not a hater.  I am a lover.  I am an eater. But you probably knew that.

There is a reason some foods are frowned on, and passed up at potlucks.  Remember potlucks.

My memory as a kid is when Mom cooked it and served it, we ate it. Sure we would have preferences when it came to meals, and might have grumbled, but we didn’t hate any food.  We ate it.

Same as an adult.  Preferences yes.  Hate a food? No. But it doesn’t make for much of a survey if everyone says they love everything.  The question was given to people from every state, and they reported answers for most hated food in every state.

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Maine’s most hated food was also reported as the most hated in Pennsylvania, Vermont and West Virginia. So what food would rate the most hated in 4 different states.  And for the record, it is a trendy food.  It’s Sushi.  Here’s the Zippia article

Understandable that sushi would appear at #1 on someone’s list. When you look at America as a whole, the most hated food is Olives.  Doesn’t say Black or Green.  Black is my preferred olive.

Massachusetts and  Connecticut have a snobby answer for most hated food. Well-Done Steak is their pick for most hated.


If you want a pizza and don’t want to share it, order it with anchovies. At least in 12 states.

You’ll also find eggplant, beets, bologna, and carrots and pickles on the list of most hated foods.  “Are you going to eat that?”

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