An illegal marijuana grow house was raided on Valentine's Day and a man from New York City was arrested.

Where Was This?

Members of the Somerset County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant at a residence on Betterment Road in Norridgewock just before 9:00 Wednesday morning, due to suspicions that it was being used as a location to illegally grow marijuana. This was the second marijuana grow house searched and shut down in Norridgewock in the last week, and the third in Somerset County. During the previous week, thousands of plants were seized from operations in Norridgewock and Mercer. 

Who Was Arrested?

Typically, no arrests are made at the time of the search because the buildings are unoccupied. But in this case, one person was arrested at the scene of the search:

  • Zunjie Wu, 26, of Brooklyn, New York is charged with cultivation of marijuana and trafficking in scheduled drugs.

At the last report, Wu was being held at the Somerset County Jail.

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How Much Marijuana Was Seized?

Somerset County Sheriff Dale Lancaster says officials seized 1,310 marijuana plants, several pounds of harvested marijuana, and other drug-related materials during that search.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

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