Deer hunting is a long and storied Maine tradition. I'm not a big hunter myself, more to circumstance than anything, but I'm not opposed to it at all. I'm an avid fisherman for sure. Maybe because I'm lazy? Having been a meat cutter years back, I certainly know how to clean and dress a deer, but fish are a to smaller and don't take as long.

This year, Maine hunters haven been anything but lazy. As of this past Tuesday, it was reported in the Bangor Daily News, that Mainers have snagged over 8000 deer so far this season. And since deer are so prolific that they nearly rival squirrels in sheer numbers, it's good for our state to have such a brisk season.

On opening day for firearms alone, hunters across the state took well over 2000, with an average of 1000 a day since. And all this, despite a pretty wet start to the season. I don't know about you, but I don't even like to get out of bed when it rains, so hunters around these parts are tough as nails.

There's still plenty of time left, if you haven't gotten yours yet. The season doesn't wrap up until the 24th of this month. And by the way...should you find yourself with an abundance of delicious venison, I know a certain DJ who would absolutely love to take some off your hands! But remember...I was a meat cutter. So you can keep your blade steaks. Ha!


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