Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey has released information about a romantic relationship with a member of his staff.

What Was His Announcement?

This is the age of transparency, and so people in public office try to be as open as possible about the goings-on in their environments. Attorney General Aaron Frey did just that on Wednesday when he revealed, in a media release, that he has been 'involved in a personal relationship' with a member of his staff. He said he had formerly been a supervisor to this person.

While our relationship has not violated any legal rules, office policy, or law, I have directed Chief Deputy Attorney General Christopher Taub to supervise this person moving forward as this personal relationship continues.

The name of the staffer was not revealed in the release.

What Has He Done to Deal With the Situation Fairly in the Workplace?

He says that the move is meant to create appropriate boundaries between their personal and professional lives. Frey goes on to apologize to residents of Maine for not coming forward sooner.

The Office of the Attorney General mas met and continues to meet all our legal obligations with the same dedication to and respect for the people of Maine.

Frey asks that people respect his privacy regarding things in his personal life.

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