Tap on the shoulder, friendly reminder. If you want Luke Bryan in your Living Room, we are giving out code words on Q106.5 at 8am, Noon and at 4 pm.

Get the code word and enter it using the Q106.5 APP.

Each time you enter a code word that is your chance to win.

The code words are also on the weekends. So be listening both Saturday and Sunday for even more chances to get yourself qualified.

You get to invite 10 of your best friends to your living room should you win, so think about who you would invite and form a team. A pact. That you share the code words and each of you enter them so your ‘team’ has more chances to win this once in a lifetime experience.

And think about what questions you would ask Luke. Would you be brave enough to ask him to shake it for you? My guess is Luke will suggest you all do a shot or two. Fun times in the privacy of your living room.

Listen for those code words and enjoy your weekend with Q106.5


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