Luke Bryan and his wife have named their Florida getaway in honor of his brother Chris, who died in a car accident in 1996.

The couple have always loved Florida, and they own a beautiful four-story beach house in Santa Rose Beach that they have nicknamed "Snowman" in remembrance of Chris. The name is an affectionate reference to a golf term in which a player scores an eight on a single hole.

"Evidently, Chris wasn’t a great golfer," Bryan's wife Caroline tells Traditional Home. "Snowman became his nickname. We named our farm Red Bird Farm after Luke’s sister [Kelly] and wanted to honor Chris as well."

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Bryan was 19 years old and just on the verge of moving to Nashville to pursue his musical dreams when 26-year-old Chris was killed in a car accident in 1996. The aspiring star put his plans aside to stay and support his mom. He went to work in the family business, but moved to Nashville in 2001 at the insistence of his father.

His family suffered another devastating loss in 2007 when Bryan's sister, Kelly, died suddenly at the age of 39. The cause of her death has never been revealed. In 2014 Kelly’s husband also died, and Bryan and his wife took their nephew to raise.

Despite his painful personal history, Bryan is one of country music's sunniest personalities. In an interview on Sunday Today With Willie Geist, the superstar said losing his brother so early made him realize the importance of going after what you want while you can.

"It just totally rocked our family’s world, rocked my world," Bryan reflected. "It makes you appreciate chasing dreams, you know. You’re like, “Hey, you get one go-round at this thing called life and it’s very fragile, so you better go after your dreams.'"

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