The young people of Maine are coming together to help out the kids at the Pine Tree Camp by donating. Thanks to the students of Hermon Middle School, Hermon Pre-K, and Kingman Elementary!

We had a call this morning from the Principal of Kingman Elementary School, telling us about 12 students at the school who raised money for the Pine Tree camp. Between a dozen students, they collected $150 dollars in donations. That's awesome!

Each year, during our last week of fundraising for the Q-106.5 Pine Tree Camp Egg Ride, we spend some time at Danforth's Down Home Supermarket in Hermon. And for the past few years, we've been visited by some very generous kids from the town of Hermon, who bring their donations to us!

Ms. Libby's Homeroom from Hermon Middle School showed up right after Scott arrived at Danforth's on Route 2. They brought along their donation of $50.00 that the students had collected. Each student in the class donates what they can, and this year, that was enough to buy an egg. Thank you!

Then it was the younger kids' turn! Hermon Pre-K collects change all year long in jars, saving it for the Pine Tree Camp. The teachers do an awesome job of instilling the importance of giving back at a very early age. And, boy, do they give! Here's the rundown:

  • Pennies: 17,099
  • Nickels: 76
  • Dimes: 190
  • Quarters: 95
  • TOTAL - $193.82 WOW!

They also donated an arcade token, a 'flattened' penny, a gold piece of plastic that was about the size of a half dollar, and a watch battery! I was told by several folks at Danforth's who know children from the Pre-K that they raid couches, chairs, laundry rooms, and anywhere else they can think of in their houses for coins. And we appreciate it!

But the people who appreciate it the most are the campers. These donations, by the young-and-very-young of Hermon, will allow them to be able to go to the Pine Tree Camp this summer, despite their parents' ability to pay.

To the youth of Hermon and Kingman, we think you're all amazing! THANK YOU!!



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