Soooooo....i saw this video on Facebook the other day, and just about lost my mind. We've all seen the videos where they use a back-hoe, or bucket truck, or whatever, to spin people around in all sorts of slightly dangerous ways. My only real problem is that they always require the type of big equipment that I'll never have access to.

Sure, I could rent some piece of outlandish construction gear, and somehow convince the rental place that I know exactly how to use it. But I'm sure they would be able to smell my lack of inexperience and mechanical abilities a mile away. So where does that leave regular folks like us?

Well, cue the video for this incredible DIY hydro-entertainment play-gear. It looks like all you'll need is a few sheets of plywood, a bunch of plastic, and a riding lawn mower. I guess you could use a legit towrope for water skiing, but I imagine any old piece of sturdy rope will do.

It looks so awesome. I would build my own right now, except I don't own a riding lawn mower. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find one. I have lots of lazy neighbors. So maybe there is one of these bad boys in my future this summer.

DISCLAIMER: This looks kinda dangerous. So kids....don't do this without LOTS of adult supervision. For that matter, adults....maybe keep your kids around to call 911 too, in the event you go flying into the wild blue yonder. Danger works both sides of the street, so everybody needs to be wicked safe. Wear a helmet maybe, or some goggles.

Heck, throw in a cape!

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