Imagine walking into a bar over the weekend and looking over and seeing a guy and thinking 'Man, that looks like Kenny Chesney.'

Your second impression is 'yeah but what's he doing in Portsmouth New Hampshire.'  Although he is dressed like someone who isn’t dressed like the rest of us in New England in early spring. He looks chilly.

But it sure looks like Kenny Chesney. Stick with your first impression.. You are correct. It is Kenny Chesney.

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Although he sent it out Saturday afternoon it had to be Friday that he was in the bar. Thursday night he had a concert at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut and Saturday night he was in Pennsylvania

Look closely at the photo and you'll see another familiar face Kelsea Ballerini, who is on the tour with Kenny. You'll also see the reason they did a side trip. It was to meet up with Marissa adn Tyler McLaughlin from the Wild Tuna TV show.

Kenny does love his time in New England. And there's nothing like him being at Gillette Stadium and when he starts singing his anthem, Boston, the crowd erupts as loud as if the New England Patriots had won the Super Bowl and it was a home game

About a year and a half ago you'll remember Kenny was in Gloucester Massachusetts to film the music video for his song Knowing You. In that video you'll see Kenny on a fishing boat far out on the ocean. Kenny did fine, but the crew didn't have their sea legs and there were a few bouts of sea sickness.

Kenny we know you love New England. When you just gonna move here, you'd love it even more than you do visiting.

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