A woman from Benton was scammed by someone who called her and said she had to purchase $1,000 in iTunes gift cards to avoid being arrested for nonpayment of taxes.

The caller told the victim he was a deputy sheriff and a warrant was out for her arrest for not paying taxes, Kennebec County Sheriff Ryan Reardon said in a news release.

The victim was given a number to call to resolve the situation. When she dialed the number, she was asked to go to a Family Dollar or CVS store and purchase $1,000 worth of iTunes gift cards. She was told to then call back with the gift card numbers.

“Law enforcement does not barter away arrest warrants,” Reardon said. “A warrant is an order from a judge or court to take into custody a person after satisfying probable cause that a crime was committed.”

Reardon said if someone is going to be arrested on a warrant, in most cases, law enforcement will be there in person to take the person into custody.