Honestly, NEWS CENTER Maine's Keith Carson is probably a better human than all of us. And I'll tell you why.

I've never seen a meteorologist take such a beating on social media for no reason at all. I remember scrolling through my Twitter feed last week after one of the three snowstorms we got and seeing Keith get blasted because less snow fell in an area than he predicted.

Isn't that a good thing? And also, it's not like he's up in the sky controlling the weather and how much dumps where. Not to mention -- who cares?! It's not like he said it was going to be sunny and 70 and instead it snowed 10 inches.

Yet, with every weather event that's projected to roll through Maine, not only is he there with some kind of heads up of what could happen, but during the actual event, he's there providing updates along the way in real-time.

NEWS CENTER Maine / Keith Carson via Twitter
NEWS CENTER Maine / Keith Carson via Twitter

Subzero Temperatures Coming to Maine

By now, we've already heard about the crazy frigid weather that's on the way this weekend, with low temps this weekend set to hit at least the negative teens in a lot of areas, and that's without wind chill.

In his latest update of what to expect in different parts of the state on Sunday evening, Keith said that "Friday gone be legit" -- meaning it's going to be legit F'ing freezing and this is probably going to suck.

But on top of that, he also gave a little advice on avoiding pipes freezing and bursting from the severe cold we're about to get.

Heat Pumps Could Prevent Frozen Pipes

In the comments section of his latest freakin' frigid-looking temperature map, a commenter mentioned not using heat pumps since the temperature is going to drop so low.

Lots of heat pump companies, like Wilson's Home Heating, advise not to run heat pumps when the temperature drops as low as it's about to because it messes with heat distribution with your thermostat and water can freeze in pipes and possibly burst when they thaw.

However, according to Keith,

Nah it’ll be fine- been doing it for 4 years with just heat pumps. ...seems hard to imagine you’ll get so cold you’ll burst pipes while running heat pumps….we’ve never dipped below our set point in my house.

If you don't want to roll the dice, though, keep the heat pump off and roll with your oil or gas main source of heating. Also, according to the American Red Cross, keep your thermostat above 55 degrees (which it should be if you're home unless you're a zombie), and let cold water flow in a small drip through all your faucets to prevent freezing.

Regardless, make sure you stay safe this weekend, especially Friday night. Because, like Keith said, it's "gone be legit."

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