In a recent episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan raves about the writing of Stephen King.

Joe Rogan is quite the fan of Stephen King. In a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan reminisces about his favorite books written by King. Specifically, Lawnmower ManThe Shining, and Carrie were named among his favorites. Joe's favorite piece of writing from The King of Horror - Pet Sematary.

Talking with comedian and producer of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Brian Redban, Rogan reflects on how he read King's books while riding "The T" in Boston. "Pet Sematary scared the f--- out of me when I was a kid," said Rogan. "When I would take The T to taekwondo I would read books - I was always reading Stephen King books - that's what I was always reading. I remember reading that just being freaked the f--- out."

Stephen King has never been on the podcast. Joe joked "[King] would probably just yell about Trump," if he were on the show. King is vocal on Twitter regarding politics, for which Rogan says he gets "a free pass to talk crazy on Twitter for the rest of his life. That guy made some of the greatest books ever for horror enthusiasts." 

King recently tweeted his sorrow over the death of actor James Caan, who passed away on July 6. The tweet read: "Very sorry to hear about the passing of James Caan, who gave an Oscar-worthy performance as Paul Sheldon in Rob Reiner’s exceptional film version of MISERY." Caan was 82. A cause of death was not disclosed in a statement from his family on his verified Twitter account.

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While Rogan and King's political stances may differ, an episode with Stephen King would be a great listen. Hey Joe, make it happen.

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