Gov. Janet Mills on Tuesday officially announced her intention to run for re-election, setting up a possible face-off with former Gov. Paul LePage, who last month announced his own candidacy.

The announcement was made Tuesday on Mills' social media sites, with the governor highlighting in a video that she wants to continue in office because "there's still so much left to do."

During Mills' tenure in office, she has dealt with the challenges of the pandemic, including the safety of the public and the resulting economic woes. Mills' announcement was made on International Women's Day.

Mills will face off against LePage, who held the office for two terms, from 2011 to 2019. LePage has been very critical of Mills' policies and so petitioned to be allowed to run for the office again, now that he has been a private citizen for four years. He initially filed paperwork in July and his re-election paperwork was confirmed in February.

It's been a historic few years for Maine's gubernatorial seat. Mills is the first woman in Maine's history to be elected to the office. LePage is the first candidate who previously held the office for two terms to be allowed a run for a third term.

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