Where do you travel to on holidays when you live in paradise?

I'm a lucky man. My family has a camp. So on these big holidays, we just head out there and fire up the grill. Maybe we'll invite some friends and other family over for a little BBQ or something, but we like it casual. Growing up in the Bangor area, and watching cars just empty onto Route 1A in summer changes you.

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I always felt like those people looked cranky and hot, and wanted to be anywhere but in that car. But they likely chose all the wrong times to travel to Acadia. There's limited ways into that region, and if you're trying to get through during peak times, you're going to pay the price. every time.

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So what are the worst times for traveling into Maine on a holiday weekend?


According to the Maine Turnpike Authority, the peak northbound travel times into Maine are between 2:00pm - 7:00pm. If that seems like a late start, remember that most people are coming from far away, and maybe had to finish work first. The next day, things pick up a bit earlier, with peak travel between 10:00am - 2:00pm, in both directions.

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Believe it or not, there are people who like to get out of here before the crazy southbound traffic starts, and will often head out on Saturday or Sunday. By the time Monday rolls around, it'll feel like a free-for-all. Heavy traffic will begin by noon and pretty much go all day.


Are there ways to avoid all this traffic?

Absolutely. If you're handy with a Gazetteer or a road atlas, you can easily wind your way north through some of Maine's super scenic back roads. For instance, if you're headed to Bar Harbor, you could go Route 3 through Belfast and enjoy a gorgeous drive. If you're coming from all the way down in Southern Maine, Route 202 is a great option, that goes from Sanford all the way to I-395.

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Maine is a big place, and if you're willing to adventure a bit, you can avoid a lot of the big traffic, depending on where you're headed. But believe me... Being on any on Maine's main roads on a holiday weekend can be the pits. Plan ahead, and do whatcha can. But above all, enjoy our fine state!

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