Mosquitoes are pure evil.

In all fairness, I did just dedicate about 30 seconds of my time to see what possible service the mosquito could ever be to mankind. I even Googled it. In theory, there's one feature they share with ticks that makes them useful. Not to humans in any way, but to other animals.

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When they've had their fill of whatever was making them hungry, they're bloated to the wings with blood. If another critter ate that skeeter while it was all bloated and full, it could be an extra protein blast for that animal. So there you have it. Same with ticks. That seems to be the only use they serve, is to provide extra protein. Yay. Totally sounds worth it on every level.

Let's say you wanted to put in some extra effort in the battle against them...

Getty / TSM Media Library
Getty / TSM Media Library

There's as many old home remedies for fighting mosquitoes, as there are mosquitoes it seems. Everyone has a "sure-fire" method for fighting them. Whether it's spray repellent, or a cream. Or maybe old school ideas like the bath in Skin So Soft Grandma used to spread around on us all the time. Sure you could try all that, but...

Getty / TSM Media Library
Getty / TSM Media Library

Have you given much thought to what you're wearing? Because there are 4 basic colors you could wear on a regular basis, that may actually be bringing skeeters directly at you. If you tend to wear black, red, orange, or blue-green (cyan)... You're basically advertising an all-you-can-eat buffet of your blood.


Can you just wear different colors?

Well, yes. But the other big factor is your breath. First and foremost, the love the CO2 you breathe out. But then the color of your clothing adds the icing on the cake. So while you're breath is going to still lure them in, your clothing can help. So make sure instead of the colors above, wear things like purple, white, green, and blue.

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At the end of the day, it's Maine. There's no way you'll be able to totally avoid mosquitoes. But shouldn't you do anything you can to stop them, especially something as simple as your clothing? Think about it... It's pretty much the least you could do. And it's cheaper then Skin So Soft!

These bugs are just a bit larger than mosquitoes...

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