I grew up in Bangor.

Then I lived in Portland for years. These days, I enjoy my life out in the country. Not too far out, but just far enough that it feels like I'm nowhere near the city, but still close enough that Walmart and Hannaford aren't day trips. Often, I end up more time trying to describe my general location, than actually telling people where I live.

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When I lived in Portland, it was pretty easy. Most people then, just said they were Portlanders. It rolls right off the tongue. Heck, the spellcheck on my computer doesn't even ding it as misspelled. When I lived in Westbrook, also easy. We were Brookers. But growing up in Bangor, it never seemed as obvious.

It turns out, I'm not the only person that ever found this a bit ambiguous.

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I was cruising Reddit, and I found a thread that posed this very scenario. The original poster of the thread also seemed a bit baffled as to what nickname you'd have for residents of Bangor. I remember I was at some sort of event when I was a kid the first time I ever heard "Bangorian".

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I thought it sounded pretty dumb, to be honest with you. I was not impressed by that idea at all. Someone also tried to use Bangorite once, and I didn't really find that to be much more pleasant to the ears. They both seemed almost like lame copouts. Not that "Portlander" seems like a big stretch, but it gets the job done.

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So in the comment section of this Reddit thread, there were some great ideas. Some were absolutely hilarious, others were downright mean. And naturally, there were some that just aren't printable at all in this format, hahaha. But let's take a glance now, and see what most people would end up nicknaming residents of Bangtown...

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