While it was planned for and approved in the fall of 2022, the project to put another Starbucks Coffee Shop on Broadway in Bangor has taken some time to come together.

It was challenging to get both the materials and personnel for the new build, which is located on a double lot at 685 and 699 Broadway and looks to be getting closer and closer to completion.

The new Starbucks sign went up just last week. And folks we spoke with said the hope is to get the shop up and running by mid-June.

David Warren, the communications manager for the city of Bangor, says the original plan was for three separate businesses to occupy that new space.

Starbucks Coffee Emerges As Largest Food Chain in Manhattan
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"The plans call for three tenants and as you know Starbucks will be one of them. But it remains unclear who/what will occupy the other two spaces. The Planning Board approved the project in 2022 and at that time one of the tenants, besides Orange Theory, was supposed to be some sort of walk-in medical clinic, similar to Convenient MD. But no permit has been submitted for such a tenant. So at this point, it’s still unclear who the other two tenants will be."

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One thing that is up and running already is a new set of Electric Vehicle Charging stations. Warren says the EV charging stations at the new build are just a few of the many options throughout the city that folks have available to charge their electric vehicles.

Broadway Starbucks 3, Liz Leavitt
Broadway Starbucks 3, Liz Leavitt

"That particular charging station on Broadway was done privately by the property owner/developer there. The City is looking at expanding charging stations, but the current ones we own and operate only represent a small portion of what's available in the city since many private property owners (mostly car dealerships) are installing them. The city currently operates four public Level 2 stations."

You can check out a list of where EV charging stations across the state and the nation are located by clicking here.

Broadway Starbucks 1, Liz Leavitt
Liz Leavitt
We'll keep you updated about the grand opening of the new facility once word of a date is released.

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