It's starting to look like Punxsutawney Phil was right!

Back on February 2nd, chants of "Phil! Phil!" filled the air in Pennsylvania, when the most famous groundhog in the world, came into the
light, to predict that an early spring is in store for us.

Based on the long range forecast here in the State of Maine, he may be on to something.

Lots of folks are kind of bummed out that we haven't had many snow storms this winter, (I am not one of them) and when you look ahead to the next several days, it looks like things will be warming up to above average temps, for the end of February and early March.

If this makes you sad, I say suck it up and let the sun shine in!

Outlook for March 1st-9th. NOAA’s 3-4 week outlook for the 9th-22nd. It’s looking like we may be in for an early spring. Never wanted NOAA and the models to be more wrong. Higher odds of precipitation to boot. May be a warm, wet month.
byu/Shiloh3245 inMaine

Here is how the next two weeks break down:

Tuesday, Feburary 27th-Partly cloudy with a high of 47
Wednesday, February 28th-Rain & wind with a high of 51
Thursday, February 29th-Partly cloudy with a high of 31
Friday, March 1st-Mostly sunny with a high of 35
Saturday, March 2nd-Partly cloud with a high of 50
Sunday, March 3rd-Partly cloudy with a high of 52
Monday, March 4th-Mostly cloudy with a high of 48
Tuesday, March 5th-Showers with a high of 50
Wednesday, March 6th-Showers with a high of 52
Thursday, March 7th-Showers with a high of 49
Friday, March 8th-Showers with a high of 46
Saturday, March 9th-Snow chaning to rain with a high of 44
Sunday, March 10th-Snow showers with a high of 44
Monday, March 11th-Partly cloudy with a high of 43

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