Bet you’re heard by now that we are participating in a national contest with our Townsquare Media sister stations and giving someone a chance to win a trip of a lifetime.
A game changer.

A trip to see Taylor Swift in concert for the biggest tour in the history of tours, Eras, and you can win a pair of tickets to the show. And the concert you’ll attend is in Paris, France. You get airfare too, and 3 nights in a hotel in addition to the concert tickets. Plus $500 cash.

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The trip to Paris, France got me wondering if I’d ever been to Paris, Maine.


So, I did a little research about our Maine town named Paris. Yes, it was named after Paris, France.

The Town of Paris is called ‘Heartbeat of the Hills.’

Courtesy Town of Paris
Courtesy Town of Paris

Elizabeth Knox is the Town Clerk in Paris and we spoke early last week.

She was kind enough to spend time with me talking about Paris, and also answered a few hypothetical questions about the differences between Paris France and Paris Maine

And with the Taylor Swift concert in France coming up, I wondered if Paris Maine was to be the one hosting the concert where would it be held?  Is there an arena for example?

Elizabeth suggested:

Paris Hill Country Club would be big enough to host a Taylor Swift concert.  But it would have to be outside.

Okay, it would be a nice summertime event.

I asked about where concert goers and Taylor Swift herself could stay when they were there, and South Paris has a place on Main Street, which is Highway 26, Paris Inn Motel.

And a nice touristy place to visit would be Mclaughlin Gardens, also on Main Street.   A historic site listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a cultural landscape.

Wow. And famous for lilacs, so let plan a trip in the month of May.

Visitors (and locals) are going to get hungry, and Elizabeth let me know about the 8 different restaurants in Paris, Maine.

The Square, Maurice’s, Luchador Tacos, and others.

Okay, you won’t go hungry when in Paris.

Want to get out and take a look at the scenery?

Courtesy Town of Paris
Courtesy Town of Paris

The Little Androscoggin River is right there.

And since Paris is a place where you’re going to fall in love, they have a local jewelry store, Creaser Jewelers specializing in Maine gemstones.

Who wouldn't love a trip to Paris.  Paris, Maine or Paris, France.

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