Chris Lane is in the market for a mechanic after smashing his lawn mower into the back of a vehicle parked in his driveway. The "Big Big Plans" singer shared footage caught by security cameras of the moment it happened.

In the video, Lane is seen driving a zero-turn mower with one hand while juggling a yard trimmer, rake and hoe with the other. He slowly creeps around a white SUV, and as he rounds the back right bumper, the mower takes a sharp turn and slams into the back of the vehicle.

The impact is so harsh the car lurches forward — testing the strength of the parking brake — before rocking back into place.

"The yard work is gonna have to wait ... I now have a car to fix," he writes in a text block on the clip.

"You need to be thanking the Lord above you still have both your legs," Lane's wife, Lauren Bushnell, responds in the comments.

"@laurenlane assured me she was marrying a 'yard guy'. Guess not," Lauren's father quips.

"Need to spend that summer job money on a new back end," fellow singer Ernest chimes in.

Lane has yet to provide an update on the situation, but in the video, he appears to have been able to walk away from the accident unharmed. However, that doesn't mean his pride isn't injured.

The "I Don't Know About You" singer wed Bushnell in 2019 after a four-month engagement. The couple now have two sons, Dutton, 1, and Baker, 5 months.

Lane is a back on the road this year with a 22-date trek that kicks off March 25. He'll be on the road through Nov. 11.

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