Brewer's Burger King restaurant now has a fresh coat of pavement on the parking lot.

How Bad Was the Parking Lot?

In recent months, I have to admit, I've been avoiding eating at one of my favorite fast food restaurants...and not just because I've been eating healthier. The parking lot at Brewer's Burger King has been absolutely frightening. I always expected to find my exhaust system in one of their monster potholes. A simple trip for a burger at lunch was like driver's ed and navigating those stupid cones, except instead of hitting an orange obstacle you could lose a tire.

But when I got a craving for a Whopper on Sunday, I decided to brave the parking lot. Imagine my surprise when I pulled off Wilson Street onto brand new pavement. Wow! They even paved the lane from the traffic light, through the edge of the bowling alley's lot, and onto their property. It's amazing.

Is It the Typical Patch Job?

Understand, they didn't just patch the potholes. (because we all know that's a temporary fix) The whole lot, all the way around the building is paved. A stretch of smooth blacktop that's awesome for the vehicles. But, now that I think about it, maybe not for the seagulls who may be burning their little feet during these hot days as they beg for just one more french fry.

Isn't This a Trend in the Bangor Area This Summer?

To be fair, the McDonald's restaurant across the road also paved their parking lot this summer, which is great. But their lot was never as pockmarked as BK. After hearing that Bangor Mall Boulevard is getting paved (another treacherous drive), I guess it's the summer for parking lot improvements. My car, and especially my tires, are very happy to hear it.

I think I know where I'm having lunch today.

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