Originally, I saw this post on CoastToCoastAM.com, which is a website that features all kinds of paranormal stories of all types. Be it ghosts, aliens, werewolves, chuprcabras, whatever. So for them to run with this story of a Durham woman's image, is pretty serious.

After a quick search I also found a corresponding article in the Sun Journal as well. Tia Wilson of Durham, put a game cam in her front yard hoping to catch a glimpse of the fox that has been ravaging her chickens. When she was checking her photos, there was all the usual stuff one would expect to see. But around 9:00p.m., she noticed a man with a ruck sack over his shoulders in the frame, and then almost as quickly as he was there, he vanished.

Photo: Tia Wilson via The Sun Journal
Photo: Tia Wilson via The Sun Journal

After a bit of sleuthing, Wilson managed to find out there was a man who had previously lived in the house, but was shipped off to WWII. upon returning home, he proposed to the love of his life, but was jilted at the altar. So he remained in the home unmarried. She also leaves a green light on outside, which is often seen as sign to welcome home soldiers returning from battle.

Tia is no stranger to the paranormal, especially in her home. She's had several other small hauntings, so presumably, she's ok with all of it and it's not scaring her too badly. She's braver than I am. If I knew my house was haunted, I'd be running and screaming in the other direction like nobody's business.

Hard to make the ultimate call on what's ultimately in this image, but it looks pretty convincing to me. Unless it's just an out and out lie, I believe what I'm seeing here. And frankly, it's incredible. So take a good, deep look because you may just be looking at a real, live ghost. Or is it real dead? either way, incredible!

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