An Orrington man is facing charges for allegedly firing a weapon in his home after a bizarre incident in a vehicle.

What Happened With the Vehicle?

The Penobscot County Sheriff's Office learned of the odd encounter at approximately 8:00 Monday night, February 5th. The complainants said they had encountered a very intoxicated man and offered him a ride. At some point during the ride, the man had opened the vehicle's door and jumped out while the vehicle was moving. The concerned citizens contacted the sheriff's office out of concern for the man's safety.

How Did Deputies Locate Him?

Deputies located the man and spoke with him, but said that he was initially confrontational. Because the man was back at his home on Betts Road in Orrington and there were no criminal charges pending, the deputies 'deescalated' the situation and left the man at his home.

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Have Officials Released the Suspect's Name?

While the deputies were following up in the immediate area, the same man allegedly fired several shots from a firearm. The deputy immediately returned to the residence and, with the assistance of the suspect's family, took him into custody without further incident. After an evaluation at a local hospital, the man was arrested.

  • Brayden Nichols, 23, of Orrington is charged with disorderly conduct and terrorizing.

Officials say the firearm involved in the incident has been seized.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

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