If each of the 50 states were at a party what type of party person would they be? According to Buzzfeed Florida would be passed out drunk and Colorado would be getting high, but what about Maine?

Agung Parameswara, Getty Images
Agung Parameswara, Getty Images

We are not exactly sure how Buzzfeed staff came up with this list of the 50 states as personalities at a party, but we are not sure they got Maine's right.

While places like Conneticut got traits like 'The wine drinker' and New Jersey is the 'Dancing Queen' Maine was the sober one at the party. That's right, they said sober and Maine in the same sentence.

While being the sober one at at party is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of, we don't think Maine would be the sober one at a party. Maine has one of the highest numbers of drinking Americans. In fact all of New England was on the top of the list in 2016 of heaviest drinking states. Maine is also one of the top states for local breweries.

So the sober one you say? We think it should be something like; 'The one drinking to stay warm' or 'The one drinking to stay entertained' or 'The one drinking on a dare'.

Let us know if you think you know who Maine would be at a party.

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